Welcome to Your New Health Story

Are you misdiagnosed because your doctor doesn’t have enough time to listen to your full story? Unfortunately, with the insurance-based model, your doctor’s hands are tied.  He’s on the clock.  He quickly matches symptoms to prescriptions, and you’re on your way...  if only he had more time. Does this sound familiar?  

This isn’t the story you want or deserve. Stop fighting the never ending battle with dictated traditional healthcare!  Functional medicine goes deeper than many mainstream approaches in modern medicine, you can expect a different relationship with Dr. Emily. She will take a genuine interest in you as a whole person, respecting that you are unique in your history as well as your genetic makeup.

Dr. Emily starts to review your case 48 hours prior to your appointment to look at the BIG picture and starts to customize YOUR plan. Your body is designed to heal, and will, with strategic testing, nutrition and supplementation to support the natural healing mechanisms of your body. In choosing a functional medicine approach to health, you are embarking on a journey to optimal health.  Why settle for simply not feeling poorly when you could feel amazing?  Dial in diet, lifestyle, nutrition and embrace the vitality you’ve always deserved.